Our Story


In Sri Lanka, the only way to access mental health care is through hospitals and clinics. These services largely focus on the psychiatric aspect of mental health. Though this is important for many, access to hospital services is hindered by stigma, distance and a feeling that services won’t address the range of issues causing mental distress. What’s more, the settings in which these services are available are often uninviting or even frightening for those seeking care. CAFS was created to fill this gap in Sri Lanka’s mental health care system.

The CAFS Home

We wanted to move away from the traditional clinical setting to a more inclusive and secure space, built on the concept of “HOME”

A welcoming space where those who enter feel relaxed and at ease. Private and secure, where intimate issues can be discussed and worked through safely.

We look at building a space of care both literally and conceptually, paying attention to the physical elements as well as our interactions with service users which are shaped by our core values.

Our Values

Our key values guide all that we do and it is important to us that these values resonate both in the services we provide as well as within our team in order to create a culture of care and an accessible mental health ecosystem in achieving our vision.


We believe everyone should feel dignified, which would then give them confidence to grow and be well


We strive to create a warm and intimate space where individuals feel free to express themselves and work through their difficulties safely


We ensure that love resonates through the care we provide


We provide a nurturing environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Our Vision

CAFS vision is for all children, adolescents, adults and families to be able to access the care they need to enhance their mental wellbeing.
We believe mental health care should be accessible to everyone, and no one should face these problems alone, or shy away from seeking care due to the surrounding stigma linked with MH services.
We hope to achieve this by

Our framework

Our team