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Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or professional background…We at CAFS encourage people to be a part of our volunteer team

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Intern at CAFS
“CAFS provides psychology students with supervised practical exposure, an amazing work environment with colleagues that become your friends, and much more. During my internship at CAFS I have been introduced to various facets of psychology, apart from just therapy. At CAFS we carry out workshops, awareness campaigns and creative therapy programs for kids known as Scribbles. It is their diversity in programs that attracted me to volunteer. The different methods used and how we educate people on psychology through these various programs, has personally taught me so much more than any textbook could, and that is what I cherish the most.”


Intern at CAFS
“My experience at CAFS was a worthwhile one as it provided me with the opportunity to enhance my knowledge and experience within the mental health field. I was also able to participate in a number of workshops conducted in different parts of the country. Moreover, working with such a friendly and amazing team was one of the best things about this journey!”


ntern at CAFS
“I joined CAFS subsequent to finishing my BSc (Hons) in Psychology, as a research and clinical intern. I have had a great experience so far during my time here at CAFS, as I have had the opportunity to work with a wonderful team of people whom I get along well with and who are extremely supportive and encouraging. I have also gained a vast amount of experience in areas such as organizing and conducting various types of workshops and organizing awareness campaigns. I have also had the opportunity to gain clinical experience by working with some of the child clients that come to CAFS through informal observations and school observations. Another wonderful thing about CAFS is that they are open towards and supportive of your ideas.” 


Intern at CAFS
“During my internship at CAFS, I have acquired a vast and varied amount of clinical and theoretical experience in the psychology field. Through supervision I studied therapies and helped organise creative therapy activities and workshops such as Scribbles. Volunteering at CAFS has taught me how imperative creating awareness for mental health in Sri Lanka is. CAFS is passionate about the well-being of others which is why I love volunteering. The team members are what makes CAFS a homely and warm place.”


​Intern at CAFS
“Working at CAFS has been an eye opener. From learning in depth about traditional therapies and it’s uses, the dynamics of creative therapy and how to apply it for different therapies, and how important it is to always be aware and educated about the growing knowledge in the field of mental health. My experience at CAFS has taught me one thing, that I always have had the power in me to make a change, but in order to get there I need to make sure I learn something new everyday. As a workplace CAFS isn’t only about gaining experience, but it is also a place where you find yourself a family that supports and motivates you to be the best you can be.”


Intern at CAFS
“My time at CAFS has been amazing in terms of the experience I have received in the field of psychology. We organise and conduct workshops for children known as Scribbles which is based on creative therapy, and I have learned a lot through these workshops. I have also been given the opportunity to observe some of our child clients at CAFS, conduct assessments and conduct school observations which I consider very valuable experiences. The team at CAFS has been wonderful in welcoming me into their little family and are very supportive as well. “




Volunteer for Think Blue Awareness Campaign
​”Volunteering with CAFS was a rewarding experience. The team was friendly and accommodating. The fundraiser had a remarkable turnout, evidently succeeding to raise awareness to a mute topic in Sri Lanka. I loved it!”


Intern at CAFS
“It has been a tremendous experience working as an intern at CAFS. The entire team was very friendly and welcoming. I learnt a lot of new things during many of the workshops that I participated in. I had the opportunity to work with children with special needs during the Scribbles program, which was a rewarding experience. I highly recommend for all of you to volunteer at CAFS to help raise awareness about mental health issues!” 


Volunteer for Scribbles special needs workshop and cancer hospital workshop
​”It was great to be a part of both workshops. Loved the one we did at the cancer hospital. Congratulations to the team and wish you all the very best for future events.”


Volunteer for cancer hospital workshop
“This was my first experience. And I really loved it. Because spending time with those kids is something which is very rarely seen these days. And I got an opportunity to spend time with those kids. So I thank the whole team for that. In future projects if we could get enough sponsors then may be we can help them by providing necessary medicine. And I would like to be a part of it. Scribbles team is awesome and am eagerly waiting for more volunteering programmes.”