Who we are

CAFS is a not-for-profit organisation which provides an inclusive and secure space developed with love and care where children, adolescents, adults and their families experiencing mental health problems, stigma and isolation can access high-quality care and support.

What We Do

We believe that it’s not just one but several different areas of work that intertwine with each other in contributing toward improving the mental wellbeing of those in our country and thus we look to make an impact in each of these areas through our work.

Clinical and Psychosocial Services

Provide clinical and psychosocial services, including assessments and tailor made interventions, catering to a range of mental health conditions across all populations and age groups.

Workshops and Training

Conduct workshops and training sessions to improve mental health wellbeing in communities and build capacity in mental health care in workplaces, schools and other institutions

Awareness Campaigns

Carry out awareness campaigns advocating for the needs of people living with specific psychosocial disabilities such as Autism/ Depression.

Guidance and Professional Support

Provide guidance and professional support for trainee psychologists and clinical placements for psychology graduates enabling them to develop their skills and practice.

Our Impact

Service Users
Workshop Participants
People reached through awareness campaigns